Our Services

Our Services

Like many consulting companies, we offer a vast array of services. To help keep it simple, we like to break down our services into four main categories—Academic Advising, College Admissions, Paying for College, and Student Loans.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is the cornerstone of a strong and successful academic program. At College Insight, our mission is to assist students in their growth and advancement by developing educational plans that are compatible with their life goals. Advising can include many components, such as career counseling, schedule design, creating study plans, identifying the causes behind academic struggle, or even taking a student who is already excelling to the next level.

College Admissions

  • The College List is a service we offer to help students choose out of the over 4400 colleges and universities in the United States, which eight to twelve will end up on their final list of colleges they will actually apply to.
  • With our Essays service, we work with students to create memorable essays that will help them be incredibly competitive within the application pool.
  • Our Applications service helps students with the application process and may include the Common App, or a number of other applications which vary depending on the university.

Paying for College

The thirdcategory of services we offer is Financial Aid or College Finance. As I’m sure you are aware, college is expensive! Many middle class families struggle to pay for a college education without taking out huge loans. At College Insight, we know where all the money is so we can leverage each student’s situation to get the most funding. Last year, all of our middle class families went to college for free! You’d be surprised by all the places you can find money if you know where to look.

Student Loans

Many people make the mistake of assuming that student loans are like other kinds of loans when, in fact, they are very different. Depending on how you pay back your loans, interest and fees can really add up, increasing the already high cost of education. Default rates on the nation’s 1.34 TRILLION dollars in student loans are at a record high. Most people don’t know the loopholes to finding additional “free” money that can help them pay back their student loans. They also don’t fully understand student loan forgiveness and end up making mistakes that can cost them thousands of dollars. We help graduates figure out the best strategy to paying back their student loans for their unique situation. It's risk free. If we can't help you, you pay nothing

Immigrant Families

Immigrant families face so many challenges. I have been an immigrant myself, so I have a lot of compassion and respect for the unique challenges immigrant families face. It’s not easy adjusting to a different country, and the college application process is confusing enough for non-immigrant families, let along for immigrant families having to navigate a completely different system than you are used to. In addition to the regular application process, immigrant families often have other things to think about. Schools often require an additional language component and tests for immigrant students as well as visa considerations that need to be attended to. I love working with students from all around the world and have clients in South Korea, Japan, India, China, Germany, UAE, Canada, Singapore, and many other places. I understand the ins and outs of the college application process for immigrant families and can help your family easily navigate applications while also getting your child into their choice school.

Military Families and Veterans

The children of military families often make many sacrifices for their parent’s service. It can be difficult to move frequently as a teenager. However, when college application time comes, military families not only have to worry about the confusing process that every other family has to worry about as far as college applications are concerned, they have the added stress of possible gaps in their transcripts, activities, and courses, and are often missing important extracurriculars that other students are not. These gaps can make students look weaker in their college applications and I can help alleviate the problems associated with such gaps to help turn that weakness into a strength. Financially speaking, military families qualify for a number of benefits that civilian families do not. When leveraged correctly, I can often get three college educations for the price of one. I understand all of the benefits your child and family is entitled to and can help leverage each situation to it’s fullest, so the student is supported fully and your family saves the most money possible.

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